Magellan Trophy, a serious game around design thinking and team effectiveness

Want to boost your ability to make good strategic choices? Discover the key to team effectiveness?

Join us on March 27th at Chester&Fields to attend a free workshop: the "Magellan Trophy" simulation. It's a "serious game" inspired by the success ingredients of the ultra-competitive sailing race teams. It has been developed to experience the concepts of "design thinking" and lean start-up, risk management, decision-making and team dynamics. 

In this free session, facilitated by Alain Lanckbeen and based on a digital platform developed by ALL4ONE consulting, you will play with this experiential approach of project management during the time of an ocean crossing, while keeping your feet dry.


-6:00 pm: Welcome

-6:30 pm: Start of the presentation by Alain Lanckbeen

-8:00 pm: Question and answer session, debriefing,...

-8.30 pm: Closing

Want to register?

Send an email before March 21st at

More info? 

Check the Facebook event page. 

For more information about the "Magellan Trophy", visit the ALL4ONE website.



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